Lauren Parkinson-Kruze – Kara Townsend

Lauren Parkinson is an actress from the Midwest by way of Chicago and then Cincinnati where she got her BFA in theater performance, then traversed her way regionally in the theater community before moving out to Los Angeles to pursue more film. Lauren has recently been uber busy with work, including SheWolves, Appetites, and Avengers Grimm. or

Jacob Cormier - Drew Townsend

Jacob Cormier is a dedicated performer with experience both on screen and stage. He studied Acting and Playwriting at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey (with a Screenwriting Minor). Jacob moved  to LA in 2013 in pursuit of his dreams. Now a SAG Eligible actor, he recently signed with Impression Entertainment Group for Theatrical, Commercial and Print representation. He has been busy this year with projects such as True Nightmares, Tallow and In Zugzwang.

Margo Rowder – Mallory

Margo Rowder is an author/editor, improviser, actor, comedian, and dancer of jigs. She spent a decade art directing and writing ads and commercials before realizing she was better suited to act out those stories. Living in LA since 2011, Margo is the Social Media Manager for the Television Academy (home of the Emmys). In addition to dramatic supporting roles in films, she regularly performs improv and sketch comedy for stage and screen. Her fiction has won awards, and Pooka Entertainment represents her writing for film and TV. From countless viewings of "Making Michael Jackson's Thriller" as a kid, to currently surrounding herself with friends of immense creative talent, Margo's love of storytelling will never fade.

Ericka Atwell – Mae

Ericka Joy is from West Warwick, Rhode Island. The Rhode Island College graduate, moved to Los Angeles four years ago to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Atwell had been in consideration for a host position on the The Rhode Show before turning her sights on Hollywood. She is competing this December in the IOWest Cake Batter's Funny Women Festival ‘That’s What She Did.”. She is writing, producing, directing and starring in a sketch comedy cage match called "Dr. Pardum." Catch Ericka in the ensemble of the WhiteFire Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA in January 2016, she hits the stage for a 6 week run. Atwell also stays busy as a mentor with the Young Story Tellers Foundation.

Rob Antus – Rob

Rob Antus was born in Illions and raised in Gilbert, AZ. At, the age of six, he announced to his parents that he was going to become a actor. In 2001, he moved to Hollywood, CA. Relying on his adventurous spirit, he did not sit back and wait for things to happen. He pursued stand-up comedy, and voice over. His first stand-up was at the world famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Then utilizing his fun, fast paced, fully animated show, he received notice around Los Angeles and began getting booked all over town. He countinues working hard toward his dream of entertaining. Other film credits include "The Umbrella Man, "Secret Santa Deluxe", "Sigmund" and "The Wrong Side Of The Bed."

Marcia Lyons – June

MARCIA LYONS is an American experimental performance artist, writer, director, producer. Initially trained as a video artist her work culminated in many awards, including the prestigious ROME PRIZE, Lyons gravitated toward independent film as a writer and character actor. Her first book, WILD TRACK (B-roll), an autobiographical fiction – crime novel –  is scheduled to be published by Atropos Press_Dresden/NYC (2015). A second book of her street cinematography, DRIVE BY SHOOTING, is in development.

David W. Keffer –Writer/Director/Producer

David was born and raised in rural Ohio amidst rolling fields of corn (Malachi, Malachi!). He found his love for theatre at an early age and began writing horror stories in Junior High, later graduating from Kent State University after double majoring in Creative Writing and Electronic Media Production. David suffered long bouts of insomnia (in part due to sleep paralysis) and would utilize that time by writing fiction and screenplays, eventually selling Ghost Game to Autumn Entertainment in 2004. David found a niche in the lighting industry, working with Kino Flo troubleshooting with gaffers and DP’s. He recently finished as a semi-finalist at the 2014 Screamfest Screenplay Contest with Newton, NV.

Adam Kruze – Producer/Assistant  Director/
All-Around Nice Guy

Adam was born and raised in Cincinnati and moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to be with his now-wife, the leading lady, Lauren Parkinson. He met David while working at one of the premier entertainment lighting companies in Los Angeles where he gained his appreciation for the art of filmmaking. Adam's written a feature length script, was a gaffer on a short film, and has taken classes on both lighting and screenwriting. Like David, Adam has experienced bouts of sleep paralysis and has on occasion been visited by shadow people. The unsettling nature of these shared experiences helped inspire the project.

Fernando Cordero – Director of Photography

Fernando grew up in Orcutt, CA, a blue collar town in the middle of strawberry fields in central California. He knew from when he was a child that the agricultural lifestyle wasn't for him. Instead, he drew robots (or did they draw him?). Despite living in such a small town, Fernando had access to film programs that helped to encourage his interests and nourish his talents. He credits his high school mentor, Mr. Garcia, as the first teacher to push the boundaries of his creativity. Fernando’s work can be seen on MTV, MTVU, and VHI.